The Kim K prototype

This is something I touched on a couple weeks ago on “Party Time With Brownie“.  Somehow Kim Kardashian has become the physical standard of celebrity girlfriends/wives, and it isn’t just the boobs and the butt.  It’s the skin tone, hair, makeup, and clothing too.  Think I’m crazy?  Peep the slideshow.  Rumor has it that Vanessa Bryant had plastic surgery to look more like Kim and attempt to keep Kobe from straying again (good luck with that).  AND, Reggie Bush is so enamored with the Kim K prototype that he went and got him another Kim K after he dumped the first one.  Seriously, his baby mama and Kim K could be sisters.  HelloBeautiful also wrote about the Kim K phenomenon.  Here are some of the girls who are drinking the KK Kool-Aid.

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