My freedom fight

I hope you all do listen to “Party Time With Brownie” Wednesdays at 7pm on  🙂  It really does round out my tweets (@Mz_Brownie) and blog posts.  If you have been following me through these mediums or know me personally, then you know what I have been going through for the past couple of years.  Previously I was drinking the Kool-Aid that said you should go to school, get a job, stay there for 30 years, retire, and die.  After getting an MBA, a job with the federal government, and a gorgeous townhouse (I miss that place), I should have been content.  But back in 2006 I started modeling, and by 2009 I was blogging and interviewing as well.  We also founded Dolo Hustle Ent., LLC in 2009, and I started managing a hip-hop artist in 2010.  That 2009-2011 period was about partying, branding, realizing what I want to do, and realizing how good I am at what I do.  I kept modeling, started hosting events, and promoted myself and my company tirelessly.  By 2011 I hated my job so much that my hair was falling out and it was unhealthy to stay there.  I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, but I literally walked off my federal job.  Best decision I ever made.

Since quitting, I have been working part-time jobs and freelancing, but I consider myself self-employed full-time.  I definitely struggle sometimes and often, when it rains, it pours.  But, I have peace of mind in living for myself, and a pride in pursuing my dreams with full commitment.  If I end up having to get a full-time job in the future, then so be it.  But I will know that I gave this entertainment career 100% effort.  Moving to New York was a tough but necessary decision.  This is definitely not the city that you want to be broke in.  As soon as I feel like throwing in the towel, a great opportunity arises, and I’m able to make it a while longer.  God is good, all the time.  Pray for me as I continue this fight for freedom!

2 thoughts on “My freedom fight

  1. Life decisions are always tough. What works for one very rarely works the same way for someone else. Regrets are not an option when one is cut from a particular cloth. Therefor, if you don’t give 100% of you 200% of the time, unfulfillment will make future choices even harder

    Bottom Line: Always do what’s best for you knowing that the people that love you have your back ,-)

    1. How right you are, Phoenix! Takes a lot of guts but it is so necessary. And it’s contagious! A few other people have told me that I inspired them to “go for it.” Praise God.

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