Another interracial TV commercial

Remember the big deal people made about the interracial couple and biracial kid on that Cheerios commercial?  Basically, it opened up a whole discussion about TV ads lagging behind television programming when it comes to diversity, as well as a ton of people spewing hateful, racist remarks.  Funny that gay couples are shown in TV ads, and not much noise is made about it.  The Cheerios commercial has received nearly 4 million views on Youtube, and has been discussed on dozens of media sites.

Well, now there is another national ad featuring an interracial couple.  A new Tide Plus Bleach Alternative commercial features an Asian woman in the forefront and a black man behind her, both wearing wedding rings.  She pretends to hold up an “invisible dress,” and the black man quips that he would like to see her try on “that invisible dress.”  Sexual innuendo AND an interracial couple.  How daring.  Watch an abbreviated version of the Tide commercial here.

This ad has received little attention in the media (so far) and has only received a little over 100 Youtube views in three days.  I doubt the commercial will receive as much attention as the Cheerios ad did, because it features two minorities, not a white person.  I wonder how long it will be until the interracial couple in a national ad is a white man and a black woman.  I also wonder if the black woman in this future ad will be a mammy (Pine-Sol woman; Popeyes Chicken woman) or sapphire (sassy, fat black woman on Progressive Insurance commercial; sassy, fat black women on Discover Card commercial).  Hopefully neither.  Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Another interracial TV commercial

  1. Yes interesting, indeed. I also today saw a commercial for Dunkin Donuts I believe. There was an interractial couple in a car and the black woman was eating one of Dunkin Donuts’ hot breakfasts.. He said something like ‘that’s hot’… and she replied, ‘you’re hot’ and I want to say that was the end of the commercial… it is only to my assumption (hmmmm or perception) that they were a couple… but the words were few … Let’s see if anyone notices what I did. Let me know if you find anything out Brownie.

    speaking from a heart of a woman …. Mine!

    1. Just saw the commercial! The black woman says to the white man: “This hot and spicy breakfast sandwich is like you… it’s kinda hot, but it’s not too hot.” And he says “Bingo.” Bizarre convo for a couple to have, and the white man looks so freakin stiff! I guess that’s why he’s “not too hot.” Strange, lol. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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