Aggressive “homeless” women in Harlem

I said I would write a blog post about the aggressive “homeless” women that I encountered in Harlem on a double date a few weeks ago.  I’m putting “homeless” in quotes because it is questionable whether these women asking for change and looking homeless are actually homeless.  Many of them are simply drug addicts or hustlers.  A few examples:

  1. Young homeless-looking guy on the subway with a thin dog, asking for food and money.  I told the guy that we could get off at the next stop, I would buy him some groceries, and I would buy some dog food for his dog.  He told me “No.”  Clearly this young man was a drug addict, because why would a legitimately hungry person turn down free food?  He just wanted money, not food, so he could buy drugs.
  2. Man singing on the subway platform.  I give him $2.  He pulls out a fat wad of cash, and tucks my measly $2 inside.  He had more money in his pocket than I had in my purse, bank account, and Paypal account.
  3. Woman in a wheelchair, seemingly with no legs, asking for money.  Nearly every day, people chat with the paraplegic and give her money.  Then she is spotted strolling down the street on two legs.  She had her legs bent under her in the wheelchair.  Scam artist.

I could go on and on, and I’m sure many of you have stories too.  It’s part of the reason why some people never give money at all.  But this post is about the ridiculous, aggressive “homeless” women that I encountered a few weeks ago.  I was on a double date at Red Rooster, sitting on the outdoor patio.  Two aggressive “homeless” women had the nerve to walk up to our table while we were eating and ask for money!  Rude and very annoying.  Even worse, both times they got paid!  Clearly neither my date or I gave these women money, but the couple we were with paid them (smh).  THEN, my date and I walked up the block to a bar and one of the women approached us AGAIN and asked for money.  We told her “No,” but she followed us to the bar begging for money.  She got nothing.  We leave the bar, and who is still outside but this same woman!  She proceeds to beg for money and follow us as we walk up the street to a lounge.  Here’s what REALLY got me hot, though…

When she saw we weren’t going to pay her, she started walking next to my date and saying “It’s my birthday, buy me a drink.  It’s my birthday, buy me a drink” repeatedly.  I leaned in front of him to look at her, and said “The only person he’s going to be buying a drink, is me.”  I could not believe her gall!!  Unbelievably rude, disrespectful, and bold “homeless” women were really testing me that night.  😡  Leave me a comment with your stories of being bamboozled or aggressively approached by the “homeless.”

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