Ungrateful People


I get dozens of requests for coverage every single day. Most get denied. Unless you are paying me, I don’t owe you coverage. Unfortunately, there are some arrogant people out there who feel entitled to publication. Others, when they do get coverage, don’t even say “Thank you.” In New York, such ungrateful and arrogant people are far too common. I have a separate but related rant about unprofessional publicists, but I’ll save that for another day.

The most hilarious part is, my top-tier publicists and subjects are the humble, grateful, and professional ones. It seems it’s only the up-and-coming people who are stars in their own mind that feel entitled to my services. So sad!

Last week, a publicist reached out to me to interview his client– a castmember on a reality TV show. We booked a phoner, and they confirmed. Then he canceled, and rescheduled. An hour before the second phoner, they canceled again. I have a relationship with this publicist, so I was more accommodating than usual. I offered to do a written interview instead, and the publicist agreed. The next day, I get an email from the publicist apologizing because his client is now “too busy” for interviews.

His client isn’t a NeNe Leakes (whom I’ve interviewed) or some other bona fide reality star. This is a castmember on a reality competition show. Prime example of someone who is feeling themselves way too much. Ungrateful, unprofessional, and arrogant. On to the next!

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