DIRECTV is worse than all the cable companies combined

Just had a mind-numbingly ridiculous experience with DIRECTV. I am paying too much over at FIOS, but I will just have to suck it up for now because these idiots had me at Level 8. I called to inquire about new service. I was transferred to three people who asked me the same exact set of questions before I finally got a sales rep. This rep was unprofessional– using slang terms, and talking to me as if I was his friend. Then, when I told him I would think about switching (no way I’m just going to sign a two-yr contract off a phone call with this idiot), he got mad and defensive as if I broke his heart. I told him I had more research to do, and he said “Why didn’t you do research before you made the call?” What??? LMAO!

I literally laughed out loud and said: “So I shouldn’t have called?” What kind of salesman is this? I told him: “I know you’re a salesman, but relax. I called you because there is not enough information online about bundling DIRECTV with internet and what the prices are. After talking to you, I learned I can get AT&T for internet, and save $10/month on my bill. That information was not presented online. I am not going to sign a two-year contract off a five-minute conversation with a salesman. I will do my own research, and if I am interested, I will call back.” Mind you, while I’m talking, this idiot keeps trying to interrupt me. Nice try, dummy. Wasn’t going to happen.

Then, I tried to file a complaint against him. I was literally transferred to six different people, because they had no idea how to process a complaint (I’m sure all of this was done on purpose, btw). On the second to last person, the girl tried to transfer me to someone else and I told her, “No. You are not transferring me to anyone else. You are the fifth person I’ve talked to. This is how you treat a person who is thinking of becoming a customer? I’m sure your existing customers get treated even worse.” To which she replied, “We treat all our customers with care, blah blah.” I told her that you would think they would treat potential customers like me the best so that we can sign that two-year contract. Then I got her supervisor, who also told me she has no way to escalate the complaint, and gave me yet another phone number to call to complain. That is where I gave up, and decided to tweet and blog instead.

I had Time Warner Cable for years. They have a reputation for the worst customer service in the industry, and I STILL never received the horrible, horrible treatment that I received today from DIRECTV. Especially when it came to signing up with Time Warner. They treat their new/potential customers great. There is no way there would have been a 20+ minute wait time, and half a dozen phone transfers to resolve an issue with a potential customer.

I had AT&T U-Verse for years. Had some outage issues, but I was generally satisfied. Customer service was very good.

I currently have Verizon FIOS. Service is overpriced and underperforms, but the customer service is good.

Cox Cable and Optimum (nice customer service rep) do not service my area. Xfinity is not much cheaper than FIOS. AT&T U-Verse is not available in my area. I’ve never heard anything good about Dish Network.

Although that one DIRECTV sales rep was horrible, they had the chance to turn it around and still keep my business. They failed. Horribly. I talked to about 10 of their employees today. It is hard to tell if they are incompetent, lazy, poorly trained, or the product of a horrible system. Either way, I cannot be subject to shoddy customer service when I’m not even your customer yet. I got bounced around to so many people, and had to dial too many numbers (877-244-8906, 800-531-5000, 800-347-3288, 866-319-9838), and I still wasn’t helped. I can only imagine but DIRECTV customers have to go through. Imagine when there’s a storm and your satellite goes out (inevitably?), or you have a billing question (inevitably), or any number of problems that will occur while you’re dealing with these people under a mandatory two-year agreement. Imagine having to deal with those idiots or five dozen others like them over the course of two years. Sounds like a nightmare to me. I’m hoping AT&T (my cell provider) will partner with someone else soon.

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