Blogging again

Pic by John Bruton/STS Media


I co-founded a blog years ago that posted celebrity news and gossip, interviews with local hip-hop artists, and info on hot mainstream music. Then when I started, I focused solely on artist interviews and promo for my company and I.  Now serves strictly as a means of promoting myself, producer G Dolo, and selling his beats online.

Since 2012 I have had a weekly radio show called “Party Time With Brownie” on  I sometimes refer to it as my ‘weekly rant.’  Often there are topics I want to discuss that would better be served with some sort of visual… a slideshow, video, etc., or some topics that I want to go in more detail about, or simply some topics that I want to bring up but don’t want to do an hour-long show around.

So… here’s my new blog of rants and raves, sharing my thoughts and occupying myself during many nights of insomnia.  Enjoy, let me know what you think, and try to follow my train of thought.  Good luck.