A Woman’s Work?

A few weeks ago I added another side job to my list of side jobs. I am now a background actress aka a paid extra, and worked on my fourth production today. I didn’t get much sleep last night (usual insomnia stuff), and was on set for 8 hours 😦  When I got home I had to do some work for this video metadata writing project I signed up for (another side job), and that took me nearly three hours. So now it’s after midnight, and I’ve finally got a break. I go into the living room, and my fake husband goes into his bedroom. Here’s where things get hairy.

Part of me wants to take a picture of this foolishness. The following is a true account of the mess he left behind (yes, I am actually making a bulleted list):

  • On the coffee table: His underwear, socks, two drinking glasses, two empty cans of beer, and balled-up paper towel pieces
  • On the couch: His bath towel
  • On the butcher’s block: His shirt, empty bottle of seltzer water, balled-up receipts, balled-up paper towel pieces
  • On the cutting board: Empty can of Red Bull, a dirty butcher knife (the sink is RIGHT THERE!!), more balled-up paper towel pieces
  • On the floor: Random scraps of paper (?)
  • In the hallway: Two pairs of shoes. Strewn.

I’m not done, but the rest of the mess I am used to. Our place is way too small for that much crap! What the heck? Guess this is what you do when you know someone is going to pick up after you. So I did what a fake housewife does: Nagged a bit about the mess (his response: “That doesn’t sound like me.” What??), and then cleaned it up. Imagine if I actually had romantic feelings for the guy! 🙂