Free babysitter available

Periodically, I get offers from brands, publicists, or influencer sites to review and/or promote products. Sometimes the product is relevant to my interest and audience, and other times it’s way off. With the rise of mommy bloggers, I’ve seen an increase in outreach efforts from toy and game companies targeting toddlers in particular. There are also a lot of offers for baby products: Diaper bags, pacifier clips, teething rings, etc. When they are paid promotions, I definitely regret having to turn them down. But, I don’t have easy access to children! I obv don’t have children, I don’t have family nearby, and my friends either don’t have kids or don’t have little ones. What to do?

One of my friends is a godfather to a toddler, so I thought that was a potential opportunity. Free toys sounded like a good idea to the parents, but they weren’t too keen on the idea of the child being posted on social media. For these promotions, I would likely post a photo or video of the child with the product or interacting with it.

Then, I thought about volunteer work. I could bring the toy to a child in need, and spend time with them. But photographing them would be exploitative (and probably not permitted). If I could just babysit a kid for a couple of hours, give the caregiver a break, and take some snaps, I would be golden. But would strangers let me watch their kids? What if I watched them for free?

I have some qualifications under my belt, and kids love me πŸ™‚ I was a teaching assistant in a preschool for children with special needs, and I also taught wellness topics to students in K-12 as a paraprofessional. Both of these positions were with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. My CPR and First Aid certifications have expired, but I could easily get them renewed.

So, the caregiver gets free childcare for a couple of hours, and I get a snap or video of the little one having a great time. Sounds like a win-win to me! What are your thoughts?