Brownie needs an assistant


OMG has it been two months since I’ve posted something? Shame on me. I have been extraordinarily busy and slightly overwhelmed w/ work, and it shows. I started to fall behind when I went to Cleveland for Christmas/New Years, and have failed at playing catch-up since I came back in January.

I picked up two freelance journalism jobs that month,  and then I started doing background work in February. Those three sources of income, although much-needed, made my Examiner work fall further behind. (Actually, instead of writing this blog post, I should be working. BUT, I feel like venting.)

Then I picked up ANOTHER freelance writing job in March that has me working 40 hours a week! Needless to say I am exhausted, and falling further behind instead of catching up. So, what is the solution? Well, I’m toying with the idea of hiring a temporary writing assistant… just until I get caught up. A few things holding me back: the process of weeding through and screening applicants, having to give up control through delegation, and lack of trust that people will actually get the job done. I’ve always believed that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and having an assistant goes completely against that.

Have you ever had an assistant? How did it work out? :/

Job search

On average, I’ve been sending out about 40 resumes a month.  That doesn’t include sites where the application process is completely online.  A few thoughts I’ve had along the way:

I could be a cruise ship captain.  That would be fun.  Ohhh, you have to have marine experience.

Store Manager at Pizza Hut?  Ohhh, you have to have a car.  Assistant Store Manager?  Still need a car.  How disappointing.

Escort, stripper, sugar baby… No bueno.

Teach English to kids in China… No thanks.

Assistant Manager at Chuck E. Cheese?  I wouldn’t last a week.

Maybe I should get a real estate license.

Maybe I should complete an HVAC/plumbing/electrical apprenticeship.

Applied for four jobs with Sirius XM.  Three apps were rejected, the fourth status has said “Submitted” since 02/2013.  It’s been six months and still no word… I don’t deserve it?  (Eminem voice)

Next stop: Retail jobs.  One day, I’ll look back on all this and laugh.  Or smh.  Or cry.  0_o